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Squash is coming back!

Guidelines for Return to Squash


The squash courts will be opening up on July 25th but members need to abide by the following rules. We realise some things may be difficult but if we want to have any chance of keeping on playing we need to make these adjustments at present.  We will continually monitor for the latest guidance and adjust the guidelines as appropriate.

The most important rule is that if you or anyone in your household are unwell, even with mild symptoms, you must not come to the club. Follow NHS guidelines and get tested.

If you become unwell after visiting the club Follow NHS guidelines and report your symptoms to the club for contact tracing purposes.


Who can Play?

  • Solo practice for Club Members
  • Club Members from the same household - can play and practice amongst themselves together.
  • If not from the same household a maximum of 2 club members can be on court together doing socially distanced games / practices - we will circulate ideas for these to members during the next week.


When can I play?

  • The Club will open from 8am and closed at 9pm promptly.
  • Full members can only play once during Peak time as usual.
  • Bookings will be for 45mins but have a buffer period after for court ventilation



  • All courts must be booked in advance and if two people are on court you must add your opponent’s name to the booking for track & trace purposes.
  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 mins before your booking time and leave promptly after your 45 mins. This is to limit the numbers in the Club at any one time.
  • Check your booking time as the normal times will have changed.


Guests and Supporters

  • At present no additional guests / supporters are allowed in the club, - the bar area will be for the volunteer club officials only, who are there to help members.
  • If juniors (U14s) come along, 1 parent/ guardian can come with them but they should book court 4/5 so that the parent can sit on the socially distanced area behind the court, but they need to give their details to the Club official for test and trace reasons.
  • For juniors over 14, we would prefer their parent / guardian if they are not playing them, to stay in their car in the car park rather than coming into the Club.
  • If family groups come along with younger children, they should book court 4/5 again so there is an area for the children to sit if not on court. Members need to make sure children stay in their “area” or they can go outside through the fire exit.


What do I need to bring?

  • You need to come changed ready to play, but change into your court shoes once in the club. There will be no access to the Changing rooms.
  • Bring your own water bottle/s filled as there is no access to the water fountain.
  • Towel - to wipe hands on as there is to be no wiping of hands on the walls / doors
  • Own equipment - there will be no loan equipment - Juniors do not forget your goggles!
  • Any emergency medical equipment - i.e. plasters, ice pack, diabetic sweets! 

What to expect / do on arriving at the club.

  • Sanitise hands on entering - you can bring your own or there will be some available.
  • Go directly to your court, wipe door handles with disinfectant - there’s some by each court.
  • Change into your court shoes on your court.
  • Courts 1-3 take your kit onto the court
  • Courts 4-5 there will be blue mats set out for you to sit on, keep kit on.
  • Enjoy playing socially distanced squash but do not wipe your hands on the walls, if playing with someone not in your family avoid sharing the ball.
  • Where 2 people are playing have one ball each and do not touch the other persons.
  • Do not go off court, if on courts 1-3, if on Courts 4-5 stay in own zone. Maintain social distancing!
  • At end of session leave the court lights on, door open and disinfect the court door again. Courts 4-5 lightly disinfect blue mat.
  • Make sure you take everything away with you - do not leave any water bottles, wrappers, clothes etc. as they will be binned.
  • Exit straight away, avoid socialising.

Will the toilets be available?

  • The toilets will be available but only for emergencies please and make sure you wash your hands and sanitise after.
  • As the toilets are down a narrow corridor please be careful and respect social distance. 

Will the bar be open?

  • Initially the bar may not be open but we do hope to open it for some periods for drinking outside only (so it will be weather dependent as well!)
  • If it is open, people will need to go in through the external balcony door, and will be a one-way system and contactless payment only.
  • People and visitors to the bar will need to leave their details with the bar staff for test and trace purposes.


Members that fail to abide by these rules may have their booking rights removed as the rules are in place for everyone’s good.


We will be keeping up to date with the latest guidelines from the Government and England Squash, changing things as required and able. We will keep you updated on these via newsletters, Facebook posts and the Website.


So it’s going to be a bit different, but at least we will be able to hit that little black ball again.


Committee members will be around the first few weeks to ensure everyone understands the rules and stays safe. If they ask you to do something / not do something please listen to them, respect them and be kind! They are volunteers trying to keep our community safe and our Club open.


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