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Squash Exhibition Evening - 6th April 2019

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We were privileged to host an exhibition evening on Saturday with world ranked number 6

Sarah-Jane Perry and world ranked 9 Tesni Evans providing the high class squash.

The evening started with the two professionals hitting with two groups of our juniors, those who had broken into team squash and a group of our current academy.

Our Juniors represented our club well playing some excellent squash in three quarter games against SJ and Tesni.

Following this there was a doubles game between the girls and our club doubles representatives Carl Allinson and George Brown.

In a best of 3 games to 15 the boys were unfortunate not to take the first game but were well beaten in the 2nd game.

Despite the result there was quality squash from both pairings but  SJ and Tesni demonstrated the difference tween club and professional play.

They went onto to play an exhibition game, best of 5 with youngster, Henry Holding (9) refereeing the game. The girls played an expected range of shots that pleased the audience. There were some questions on the referee's decisions, at which Henry insisted on “continuous play please ladies”. Henry kept a consistent approach and took no nonsense demonstrating a competency far above his years.

The ladies did play on and in the final game reached a competition level of contest finishing off a  17-15 win to give Sarah Jane a 3-2 victory.

Presentations were made to the Professionals and thanks given for their efforts.

After this the end of season speeches were made while attendees enjoyed a fish and chip supper.

The ladies team still have 4 games to go but are likely to end near to the top of their league.

An ex-academy junior, Ella Bills, had broken into the ladies team and was presented with player of the season by captain Laura, for her progress. Lin Leach then stepped up to present the team players player of the season to Laura as she was unbeaten in her matches and had stepped up to captain the team this season.

Our Leics 4th team in Leicester Div 5 had over 20 players sample team squash but the highlights of the season were dominated by the rise of  ex-academy juniors.

Most matches had at least one junior playing in the team, with one occasion 5 junior players made the team up with old boy Will Rhodes, at 21 years of age, being the oldest.

Oscar Dean was awarded player of the season to acknowledge his significant progress this season losing only two matches for the team.

The Leics 3rd team also used 20 players in div 4, that saw only one close loss, in the season,  gaining promotion on 327 points 54 points clear of 2nd place.

Player of the season was Simon Turner who turned out on occasions carrying niggles which kept other players at a better level.

Simon still achieved some great results in gutsy performances always giving his all.

In Div 2 Leicester our 2nd team stayed in the league having had an up and down season but never threatened. Once again many players were called upon so the team perhaps lacked a consistency. There were also injuries and parental and work duties that took key players away from the team. Tom Paton was player of the season being a regular and consistently performing well.

Our 1sts in Leicester maintained their top level status highlighted by a strong first half of the season when they were top of the rest under the professional stars of Hinckley.

Matin Geear was player of the season. The team were strengthened this year with the arrival of Dan Busby to the team. With our no 1 player, Jamie Haycocks only being available for 5 games in the first half the team did well to finish safe in the second half.


In Northants our 2nd team, in the bottom Northants division, carried on the trend to use many players and came in mid table rotating players to the extent that a squad feel was difficult to achieve. Matthew Craythorne was player of the season for his consistency and gritty performances.

The 1st in Northants came 3rd in the top division having had some of the strength of the team go to the Leicester league. George Brown captained and was too modest to say he was their player of the season so the chairman told him he was! They were helped to keep their 1st division status by the addition of Dan Busby to the squad in the second half.


A big thanks went out to all who had played in the teams and congratulations to the juniors that had broken though into team squash.

The chairman’s cup was presented to Oscar Dean for his playing improvement, commitment to teams but also to acknowledge his junior coaching efforts both on Saturday and Thursdays.


The evening carried on around the bar, Tesni and Sarah Jane were held hostage to enthusiastic fans holding an informal question and answer session.



Discussions with the young Ref!


Exhibition Doubles Teams


Oscar Dean receives the Chairman's Trophy

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