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Build Update - bar renovations begin

Saturday was World Squash Day - and what better way to spend it than making your club a better place to come to!

Saturday saw an army of 15 volunteers helping to decorate the bar - stripping out old furniture revealled some interesting old decoration that forced the decision to strip the wallpaper! Sanding started in the morning during junior coaching with thanks to Chris Attenborough, and the McGuires getting stuck in. Taking out old bits of curtain rail and seating by Milvers and the afternoon crew.

Once the training had stopped, the serious work began with steamers, wall paper stripping, filling, sanding and tidying to start with and then the undercoat started - by 7pm we felt we should finish and have a beer!

The restart was at 10am on the Saturday with a slight change of team - and the sanding continued and painting began, with the team calling it a day at 5pm.

Big thanks to: Chris Attenborough, Milvers, The McGuires, for help during junior coaching. The Westerby's, The Tahim's, The Smith's, Anthony "the Sander" Tetley and Andy "the Filler" Dean for their help on Saturday, and Bobby and Nick for their help on Sunday and Nick Marlow for taking some of the rubbish away.

A really big thank you to Team Williams - Kean, Raj "the Hoover", Jenna and Jessica, The Avils and Stefan for their work over both days.

Casualties? We thought we had seen the demise of Henry the Hoover, but after a nights rest he was also back in action on Sunday! No one fell of ladders (we don't know how they didn't!). Some painting still left - so if you want to com,e and join in the fun - come up to the club any evening - brushes and paint provided!

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