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End of Season Report for Northants Racketball League

So the season ended last night with MH2 gaining a 12-3 win over Saints. This meaning MH2 end up with more wins than their illustrious neighbours but alas finish in third behind them and Diana's but all three finish within 6 points of eachother over the season so a job well done for a split strength squad.

On a personal level it was great to organise with a 15 person squad with most people being incredibly good in keeping me updated on availability and participating in the spirit of the league so a huge thanks from me for that.

Whilst thanking people a MASSIVE thanks to Alison for her help with the food on all home games and to Steve for his assistance too. The port and cheese once again making us the envy of every other club.

And finally MVP Rob Pearce slipped down to 4th in the rankings last night having lost (to a girl - a pretty good one) 0-3 meaning the Chairman rose to the MVP champion for the season having made his debut for MH2 in a 3-0 doubles win with yours truly. So for this year it is farewell, excess subs will be used to go towards the buy a brick scheme with the two squads represented.


The team players also would like to thank Kean for organising the teams as well - never an easy task, although Mike Sheldon is probably still complaining about the fines for not wearing the correct colours!

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