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Leicester 1st Team Half Time Review

A few half times stats for us to ponder when making our New Year Resolutions:

Best win rate: Gary Cooke – Played one, won one, but dropped since?!

Least points conceded per match: Martin – Only lost half a point per match

Most matches played: A draw between Me and Steve, but I’ll give it to Steve to stop him moaning…any more!

Player on the winning team the most times: Nick – Three out of three

Super Sub: Simon – Stepped into the breach five times and claimed the second highest ‘points for’ rate after Gary, 2.8 points per match

Happy Xmas when it arrives and don’t forget what all elite athletes think on that day: “Could it make a difference if I trained on Xmas Day? Yes, especially if the Oppositions don’t and that could give me that edge on them next time”….Spare a thought for them when you’re gorging yourself on the turkey and gulping down the booze!!!


Mark Christison - 1st team Captain

PS First game back is Mon 26th Jan, 7.30pm, at home to Hinckley

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