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Casino Royale Cocktail Night

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Casino Royale night Market Harborough Cricket & Squash Club on Saturday evening and a great time was had by all.

The Cocktail Shaker Boys were out again with the mixologists supplying a James Bond themed selection for us from Singapore Slings to Mai Tais. There were a couple of Black Jack tables with head croupier Rob Pyle overseeing the fun and a roulette wheel spun by Steve and Alison Avil. Fun was added by the club having their own currency for the evening with chips being exchanged for paper Steve or Alison Avils! Thanks Rob!!! Winners had the choice of 4 bottles - ranging from a bottle of squash to a bottle of bubbly suplied by Duncan Murray Wines.

Thanks also goes to Stefan Nycz for sorting the food out and Kean Williams for co-ordinating the evening.

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