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Back the Bid - 2020 World Squash Day Eve, Event!

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Squash players all over the world have united to create the biggest squash match in
history, with two teams playing in one global match to back the sport's bid for
a place in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Market Harborough Squash and Racketball Club played their part last Friday to swell
the numbers and hopefully attract new players to the sport. Events were meant
to happen on World Squash Day on 20th October, but as that coincided
with half term holidays here in Leicestershire, the Fairfield Road Club decided
to get their events in early as the members didn't want to miss the opportunity
to support the World event.

The format for World Squash Day had a 2020 theme. Clubs were invited to field two
teams of 20 players, with rival team members playing one game up to 20 points.

The scores from every club will count towards an overall global result between Team
Squash and Team 2020.

World Squash Day organisers hope the total figure of competitors would run into the
hundreds of thousands, and enable them to claim the event as the biggest sports
fixture in history, as well as the biggest squash match.

Andrew Shelley, Chief Executive of the World Squash Federation, said:

There are over fifty thousand courts spread across the world and
to give the players on all of them the chance to compete in the same
championship will bring the world of squash together in such a unique way. A
day to look forward to, a day that will be remembered!

UK Co-Ordinator Vicky Clark, from Merseyside, dreamed up the idea of the 2020
Challenge. She said: "We would love to have hundreds of thousands of people
taking part all over the world, and especially here in the UK, where the game
of squash began. Our aim is to get this event into the Guinness Book of
Records, and we hope that kind of response will show a tremendous global
support for squash and the Olympic bid.

Harborough Squash Club had two events, their Junior members held their own event with
everything coming out level, Team Squash 10, Team 2020 10, this was followed on
Friday night by a members and families evening were Team 2020 came out top,
winning 13-7. The Club hopes that the vote for sports in the 2020 Olympics
bring similar success for Squash.

World Squash Day website: www.worldsquashday.com

Squash 2020 website: www.squash2020.com


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