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Northants 3 - round up of first half results

Northants 3 got the season off to a roaring start, recording wins in all their first four matches.  The first match at Cripps saw losses for Earl and Kean at 1 and 2 respectively with Kean somewhat distracted by the behaviour of the youngster who was marking and had reportedly some way to go in developing his maturity of approach!  However, wins for Barrie, Ruth and Steve sealed the match. 

This was followed by 3-2 wins in succession against Kettering Rugby 4, Lings 5 and Kettering Rugby 5 and we were 3rd in the league table.  I began to wonder if going on holiday at the beginning of the season had put my careful plans to stay mid-table under threat, with the team going off piste and winning!

However, things soon returned to an even keel with a thumping by top of the table Daventry - Earl at no 1 being our only winner, although Barrie put up a good fight to lose 3-2 to Suzannah with her killer drops and lobs. Earl was also our only winner in the next match against Club Diana as Ruth snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the 5th game.  Ruth lost the first two games before she got into her stride and came back strongly to win the 3rd and 4th, she looked comfortably positioned to win at 8-3 but let her opponent back in and went down 9-10.  Unbelievably Ruth repeated this feat, losing 8-10 in the 5th, in the last match of the half against Saints when again Earl was our only winner.  So a bit of a pattern setting in here - let's hope Earl maintains his habit and Ruth gives up hers in the second half!

We have though managed to position ourselves respectably in the middle of the table by the mid-point of the season, 11 people have played, including Andy Dean having his first taste of team squash, and we have by and large enjoyed both the squash and the company.  Steve and I suffered the ignominy of defeat by lads around 13 or 14 years old - though at least it was inflicted with good grace whereas Kean's brush with the arrogance of youth was less harmonious - ringside seats now available for the return match at home on 9th January!

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