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Cocktail Night success!

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Friday saw the return of The Cocktail Shaker Boy's to the Club for a James Bond themed evening. We also were entertained through the night by Andy Fraser's band with a selection of live music. Instead of the usual single rally squash event kicking the evening off, we waited until people felt suitably lubricated, and enjoyed some competitive racketball matches - with playing kit ranging from DJ and cocktail dress through to Kean changing into his proper squash kit! (Competitive or what!). We also saw that once Mr Turney senior gets moving on the court in his socks, the slide to stop him is considerable! I'm sure a rematch with Martin Thompson in trainers would reverse the result though, Mike!

We raised over £100 for club funds that we are putting towards getting the Pool Table recovered.

If you didn't come - why not! You missed a great evening!

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